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Bear Paw's Private Marina >>


"Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it."  - Harry Middleton (20th century Nature Writer)

Our marina is what it's all about.  The fish.  Our goal at Bear Paw Fishing Resort is to facilitate getting you out on the lake to catch your limit.  We provide options for boat rentals that will ease the stress of bringing a private craft along with you, and we provide the staff to ensure things are done safely and that you have all the advice and assistance you need.

In addition to our boat rentals, we provide a fish cleaning facility, a boat launch, easy access parking, and a full time boat dock attendant.  To add to the experience, Bear Paw offers convenient dock parking so you can come and go to visit the restrooms, Bear's Den Cafe, store with tackle and drinks, or just check in at the campsite as often as you want during your rental period!

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